Statement on SB 6

HLC ‐ Draft Statement on SB 6 (prepared by Enid Trucios‐Haynes, 1/20/2011)

SB 6 does not solve this country’s immigration problems.  It targets “unauthorized aliens” who can be arrested without warrant.  SB 6 asks law enforcement officers to determine the
immigration status of a person if the officer suspects the individual is unauthorized.  SB 6 makes it a crime for someone who is unauthorized to merely be present in Kentucky.  The bill also makes all Kentuckians potential criminals if we transport or encourage an unauthorized person to come into the state.  The friendly neighbor who drives someone to the doctor would violate this law.

We need a federal solution to our immigration issues.  We need a comprehensive approach.  A large percentage of unauthorized persons in the United States are Latino.  The Pew Hispanic Center has stated that 80% of the unauthorized population is Latino and 60% of this group are from Mexico. 1  No state can solve this problem, and the effect of SB 6 is to target the most vulnerable members of our community who are likely to be Latino.  This bill does more than that.  Anyone can be a suspected “unauthorized alien,” including the many refugees who have made their homes in Louisville and throughout the state, and the many business owners who have created jobs in this state.  SB 6 makes it more likely that all immigrants and anyone of us who “appears” to be a noncitizen will be singled out.

The Hispanic‐Latino Coalition of Louisville seeks to empower the community through outreach, advocacy and education in order to foster understanding and justice.  We hope our community understands the impact of SB 6 on all Latinos in our state.

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