Teaching about dental care

Learning about dental care

Photos: 2015 HLC Health Fair

The Hispanic Latino Coalition seeks to empower the community through outreach, advocacy and education to foster understanding and justice.

The Hispanic Latino Coalition is a non-profit organization established in 1998.

MISSION: The Hispanic Latino Coalition is a broad-based group of public and private organizations and volunteers who embrace the contributions of and respond to the concerns of the growing Hispanic/Latino population.

(1) Outreach through cross-cultural and collaborative efforts
(2) Promote awareness about Hispanic/Latino cultures, experiences and affairs
(3) Increase access to knowledge and services for Hispanic/Latino community members
(4) Advocate on behalf of the Hispanic/Latino community
(5) Develop relationships with individuals and organizations serving the interests of Hispanic/Latino people


Important Immigration Information
New Deferred Action Policy for Young People

·       The are no procedures yet to apply for Deferred Action.  Any information submitted to immigration officials at US Citizenship & Immigration Services [USCIS] will be returned.  It could take up to 60 days from June 15, 2012 for USCIS to create the procedures which will be published on the USCIS website.
·       You can gather documents yourself to prepare to apply for Deferred Action if you believe you are eligible.
·       If you have general questions, USCIS resources to answer questions:

o   Telephone Hotline in Spanish & English: 800-375-5283 – open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

o   USCIS website 

o   AILI

·       ICE has a Telephone Hotline in Spanish & English: 888-351-4024
·       Family members of young people eligible for deferred action will not receive deferred action unless they are themselves eligible.

·       Beware of any notario or other person who offers assistance and seeks payment for this assistance.

To find information on our site:

Visit any of our page tabs in the page header or browse the information on our site to learn more about us.

About Us – see Our Board of Directors and Work Groups.

Community Partners – click on our partners’ links to visit their websites.

To Find Information  – The fastest way to find specific information on our site is to enter one or more key words in the search bar (in the menu on the right of our web pages).

2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Edith villalobos says:

    Muy buena la pagina . Felicidades .!!!

  2. Ben Ruiz says:

    Dear Louisville and Kentucky Friends and Supporters of our Beloved Latino Community:

    In loving memory of our great champion for immigration reform and human rights advocate, Attorney Lee Webb, let us unite stronger than ever before and help usher in the immigration reform that is in the hands of our elected representatives in congress—with the kind of determination and conviction that exhibits our unrelenting resolve to do it right this time!

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